Individual Services

RGA Consulting - Accounting & Tax Services for Individuals

We offer wide range of accounting and tax services to meet the needs of individuals.

We prepare your annual personal tax returns and offer our experienced advise on the most optimum structure to minimize your taxes.

We also offer various accounting and tax services to independent entrepreneurs and individuals who are employed and self-employed, from senior citizens to people with investment income to those who can claim repayment of tax.

Our clients benefit from our assistance by fulfilling their legal obligations with regard to the tax authorities while taking full advantage of allowances and exemptions that may be available.

We enjoy working closely along side our clients and will always provide advices that takes into account the personal tax position of the shareholders and directors as well.


The types of assets where we can assist and advise you include the sale of property (including second homes), businesses, shares in companies and other valuables.

You may be someone who regularly buys and sells stocks and shares or perhaps this is the first time you are about to sell or give a valuable asset.

You can also rest assured that when we are requested to provide advice on a proposed transaction, we will look at your entire situation. This may enable us to suggest alternative ways to help you reach your objective in the most tax efficient manner.


As a Chartered Professional Accountant, We have the expertise and experience in personal income tax return preparation and are on top of new developments in personal income tax laws. We will ensure you benefit from personal income tax planning strategies to take advantage of all available deductions and exemptions.

The peace of mind we offer to our clients has the ultimate importance for us.